Why do I need Clean Air?


Dirt, dust, pollen, and other contaminants build up in the air over time and cause poor indoor air quality (IAQ). People with asthma, allergies, and other respiratory conditions can feel negative effects because of this low quality air if they’re not taken care of quickly. At Jerrahian Heating and Cooling we offer excellent solutions that will improve your Indoor Air Quality and focus on lasting solutions in order to provide a more healthy environment in your home or office.


Indoor Air Quality Solutions

We understand that family health and comfort comes first. That’s why we offer a variety of Indoor Air products to keep your indoor environment safe and clean all year round. Here are some of our products:


Air Filtration

We offer a variety of air purifiers and filters, including pleated, fiberglass, electrostatic, and electronic. These products help to provide a fresh air environment all the time. Upgrading your Air Filtration system can help remove these pollutants more efficiently for a better smelling and cleaner environment



Ultraviolet (UV) lights

Are you having issues with biological growth? Consider purchasing UV lights for your system. They’re installed in your systems ductwork near the evaporator coil to eliminate bacteria, biological growth and viruses from accumulating on coil surfaces and circulating in the air.



Sensitive to humidity? Excess moisture can not only agitate respiratory issues, it can cause allergies, rotting wood, water stains, and other issues. If you come across any of these problems in your home, you may consider purchasing a dehumidifier to remove the excess moisture in the air. Having a central dehumidification system will help ensure that your home maintains a comfortable and safe level of humidity year round.

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