AC Maintenance

Stop your Air Conditioning repair expenses from piling up!  Jerrahian Heating and Cooling recommends having your system inspected during routine maintenance twice a year.

Our technicians perform routine services to help ensure your system is running at optimal efficiency.  When you regularly perform routine maintenance on your mechanical systems you not only help improve the life but help reduce cost and maintain efficiency!

The best way to ensure your system doesn't break pre maturely or when you need it most is by having regular maintenance performed. With our maintenance programs available our technician will visit your home at least twice a year. Jerrahian Heating and Cooling is the HVAC company to look to for air conditioning maintenance in Port St. Lucie. We will check the following components to ensure your system is working efficiently.


Air Handler Unit

  • Check Supply and Return Air Temperatures
  • Visually Inspect Evaporator Coil
  • Motor oiled ( as needed )
  • Inspect Drain pan
  • Clean and Treat Drain Line
  • Check that cabinet is air tight
  • Inspect and tighten any loose electrical connections
  • Air filter cleaned/replaced
  • Check thermostat/humidistat
  • Check ducts are sealed tight
  • Heater operating properly
  • Check heater amperage

Condensing Unit

  • Check Refrigerant levels
  • Check Motor Amperage
  • Time delay operation
  • Motor oiled (as needed)
  • Check and tighten any loose electrical connection
  • Visually inspect Condenser coil